Our Team


Andy Smith -Owner and Artistic Director – Andy Smith has spent over 5 years traveling around the world performing, choreographing and directing circus, drag, and burlesque shows.

He grew up a gymnast and fell in love with theatre and dance in high school and is always trying to expand his showmanship into as many art forms as possible. You can find his alter ego Jadynn Starr performing in and producing sideshow and burlesque shows all over the US.

Andy has over a decade of aerial training and has been instructing circus, dance, and gymnastics for over 12 years.

Andy instructs in Trapeze, Silks, Slings, Rope, Tumbling, Duo Aerial, Lyra, Dance, Kids Circus and many more skills


Lexis Potter -Aerial Instructor and  Kids Program Director- This Florida native found us a few short months after our grand opening and excitedly added our space into one of the few she occupies! She is also an Aerial Yoga instructor with Flying Colors Aerial Yoga. Lexis is a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor and Silk and Trapeze enthusiast. She is certified by Circusoul Yoga in the balmy Sarasota Florida.

Lexis teaches Kids Circus, Silks, Trapeze and Slings.


Britainy Dibbs Instructor and Events Manager. 










6Peter Bohn Instructor – began his circus arts career in 2008, in a unique program for primary school students in Sarasota, Fl. After graduating from high school, he continued his relationship with the program assisting in coaching and teaching juggling as a summer camp counselor.

Throughout his educational career Peter worked as a private performer juggling and unicycling. In 2013 he began practicing aerial arts again, focusing on silks.

Peter recently received his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of North Florida.

BethBeth Carson Instructor – was introduced to aerial lyra and the circus arts in her high school years and never looked back. With a background in dance, the aerial arts added a thrilling new level to her passion for movement.

Following high school, she began to train and compete in trampoline and tumbling and even made it all the way to the national championship. It was not long after that she began coaching.
Through all of this, she continued to train aerial lyra by taking private lessons from professional aerialists and practicing on her own.
Beth came to Saltaer in the spring of 2017 and has been teaching Lyra and Kids Circus ever since.
Andrea Mason Instructor has been a student of yoga for over 18 years. She discovered the practice when she was beginning her career as a corporate lawyer, and ever since then it has been her go-to source for stress relief, wisdom and wellness. Andrea is a certified and experienced teacher at the professional level and has undertaken specialized training in a wide variety of yoga modalities. In 2016 she fell in love with Aerial Yoga and began her own business, Flying Colors Aerial Yoga, to bring the practice to Jacksonville. Teaching and training in Aerial Yoga expanded her horizons, and upon meeting an inspiring community of circus artists, she developed a love of all things in the world of Aerial Arts. Andrea now actively trains in Slings, Bungee and Lyra