Q: How do I register for classes?

A: You can register for classes by finding out profile on PoleStudio Manager either from your computer or from the app on your smartphone at clients.polestudiomanager.com/SaltAer/client/.

Q: What should I wear?

A: We recommend athletic clothes that you can move in that are not baggy. Leggings and a short sleeve shirt (that will not flop around when going upside down) are recommended. Absolutely no clothing with metal rivets, zippers or potentially sharp embellishments will be allowed in class. All jewelry that can snag equipment must be removed as well.

Q: Are Aerial Arts safe?

A: There is always danger involved with any recreational activity. We take every measure possible to reduce the risk of injury to our students and staff. All of our equipment is visually inspected daily with in depth inspections monthly. Staff are trained to modify classes and skills to accommodate varying skill levels and levels of comfort.

Q: I have very little upper body strength can I still take an Aerial Class? -OR- I am a bit over weight, can I still take classes?

A: Yes! SaltAer prides itself on being a place where the ordinary go to do the extraordinary. Although those who come with a gymnastics, dance, or similar background will have an easier time learning and progressing through the skills we are able to adapt for all skill levels and abilities. Our classes are intended for your fun and growth.

Q: I am a gymnast/dancer/etc., do I really need to start with level one classes?

A: Yes, there are many foundational skills that must be learned that are specific to each apparatus before you can advance to different levels. We also recommend any students who have trained in outside studios to attend a level one class first as there is a lot of differences in teaching styles and curriculums from studio to studio, your instructor will then advise you on the best class for you from there.

Q: What curriculum do you follow for your class placements?

A: We have chosen not to disclose our skill requirements for each level as we have found that this leads to a focus on tricks and learning skills just to move up instead of learning movements, progressions, techniques, and building an understanding of the intricacies of skills. Those wondering what they need to accomplish to be able to train in higher level classes should consult their instructor.

Q: How often do you do performances? How can I be involved?

A: We hold 2 student showcases per year: one in Spring (April-May) and one in Winter (November-December). These showcases are open to all students who would like to create a routine. We produce at least one in house production that is open to our students (all who audition are given a part in the production, Solos and featured routines will be selected based off those who audition) and one Kids troupe show. We also are available for hire for private and public events. For more information on hiring a performer for an event please contact SaltAer.Events@gmail.com.