Class Types

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This class starts low to the ground, with time students will begin to move up the apparatus. Silks allow the aerialist to train various techniques including climbing, wrapping, inverting, locks and drops. The result of this training is increased strength and flexibility and the ability to be creative while having fun! We also now have Level 2 for our More advanced students.



Lyra, also known as aerial hoop, is a steel or aluminum hoop suspended in the air. Swing, spin, orbit, and navigate your way around a steel hoop from every angle on every axis. We offer levels 1 and 2!



The sling is a fabric loop. The sling offers more support and allows techniques similar to trapeze and aerial silk. We offer Levels 1 and 2!



Static Trapeze is a classic circus apparatus where the bar hangs from two connection points. Beginners will start with low-hanging trapezes, and more experienced students may begin to work at higher heights as skill and interest allows. Trapeze is a classic circus apparatus that is fun and accessible. A fun and challenging workout awaits on this classic circus apparatus. Learn unlimited ways to move your body around a steel bar and two ropes.

Children’s Circus Classes


Kids Circus will cover all of the circus basics in a fast-paced class that keeps kids busy – and never bored! We offer levels 1 and 2 and have an invitational Kids Troupe as well. Starting at 7 years old.

Skills include: trapeze, tight-wire, acrobatics and slings. This class will improve coordination, teamwork skills, balance and strength while keeping kids moving and experiencing new skills every week! This is perfect children who love to climb and be upside down!


Open Gym:

All apparatuses will be available during this time for students to work on perfecting moves, techniques and poses learned during classes. You can also use this time to work on conditioning, endurance, flexibility and developing acts.

Locals must be currently registered in classes or have prior approval – $10 per session. Must register in advance.

  • Instructors will assist with rigging and supervise to ensure safe practices, but will not assist or teach.
  • No new material will be taught during Open Gym.
  • Students are not permitted to teach others, or to work on skills that they have not already been taught during regular classes.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older or have a parent present.
  • If the instructor feels that your activities are not safe for you or others, you will be asked to stop.
  • All visitors who are not SaltAer students will be required to take a brief intro, to familiarize you with the facility and for the instructor to assess your skill level.
  • Only water allowed in the practice area. No other drink, food or gum allowed.